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Cleaning and Maintenance of your Cpap Machine and Supplies

A cpap machine user irrespective of him being a starter or a veteran may have one common question – what is the best way to clean and maintain their cpap machine and equipments?

The durability of your machine definitely depends upon the way you clean and maintain it and each piece of accessory has different requirements when it comes to their lifespan and time to replace. It more easier to clean it with such devices like SoClean. Here is some soclean 2 reviews you can read on cpap guide.

Finding a particular filter or a mask for a cpap machine may be extremely difficult, but equally easy to forget when it comes to cleaning and maintaining. The delicate aspects and components of these accessories need special attention when it comes to cleaning techniques, which unfortunately most users are ready to let this thought pass by.

Here Are Some Cleaning Strategies For Your Cpap Machines And Equipments:

  • Your cpap mask cushions are extremely delicate as most of them are made from silicon. These materials are great for anti-allergic resolutions, and this type does not irritate one’s face. This is why it is extremely easy to get it damaged through facial oils which can spoil the softness of the material. Cleaning your mask each morning can avoid such damage.
  • Using a mild detergent mixed with lukewarm water is sufficient enough to clean your cpap cushions and mask. Remember not to use harsh cleaning agents or chemicals on your equipments, as chemicals are extremely harmful for your cpap supplies. Moreover, you may also find cleaning solutions and recommended wipes available in a cpap store.
  • The tube that connects your cpap machine with its mask may seem to be quite small, but plays a vital role when it comes to giving you constant air supply. Although, these tubes have a lifespan of only three months, cleaning them regularly is extremely important and can be done by dipping it in lukewarm detergent once a week.

Replacement of your cpap supply is yet another important phase in your sleep apnea therapy, and is extremely significant if you want to ensure an effective and safe sleep disorder therapy.

Here Are Some Recommendations When It Comes To Replacement of Your Cpap Supplies:

Full face mask – full face mask made out of hard plastic should last for at least 90 days, but a regular cpap user needs to replace it only once a year.

Nasal cushion: nasal cushions will last for 3 to 6 months before a significant damage is seen. If your mask is lasting only for a month, chances are that you are not using them in the right way or letting it to oxidize by exposing it to air.

Oxidization declines the sealing capability of the cushions, which are also prone to damage with several factors like oily skin, improper cleaning and handling.

Nasal pillow: the nasal pillow cushions are extremely delicate and if you do not care for them properly, you stand high chances of losing them more often than you might have expected. Nasal pillow cushions like Swift FX need high maintenance.

Cpap mask: one must always remember that it is generally more cost effective to buy a complete mask set that includes all its components rather than buying individual parts separately. Replacing your entire mask set can be done in every four to six months, but masks with hard plastic components last for a very long time. Some of them last for a year or more.

Chinstrap: recommended replacement time for a chinstrap is six months because it may stretch more than a headgear as it needs to be worn tight and securely.

Headgear: the basic lifespan of a headgear is six months until you notice them to stretch and frail. Headgears are easily washable and if you are able to maintain it well, it will last longer.

Filter: it is generally recommended to replace disposable filters in every three months especially those that come with cpap machines. The durability of each filter is based completely on the environment in which the machine is being used, and if your environment is particularly dusty and humid, chances are that your filter won’t last long. Visually inspecting your filter is the best way to know if it needs a replacement or not.

Humidifier: a humidifier can be used until it breaks. Its lifespan is similar to that of a cpap machine, and most of them come with a warranty. They last for more than a year. The moment you notice the heater plate does not heat up as normal you know that your humidifier is broken.

Cpap machine: The cpap machine is one of the most durable equipment when it comes to cpap therapy kit. Most machines last for 15 years and even longer, but it is not typical for it to last that long. The typical lifespan of a cpap machine is seven years and it is recommended that you give it for an inspection to know if it needs a replacement.

Cleaning and maintaining your cpap machine and equipment may be a daunting task, but since you have invested in this great machine, why not care a little more?

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