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Expecting a baby is an exciting time in a woman’s life, but pregnancy can be uncomfortable as well as cause back pain and sleeping problems.

Some sleeping problems related to pregnancy are due to just having to sleep in an unfamiliar position.

Doctors now recommend pregnant women sleep on their left sides to ensure proper oxygen supply to the baby. If you’re a back sleeper, this can cause major issues when trying to find a comfortable position.

Expectant mothers have tried many methods to find a comfortable side sleeping position most of the time using multiple pillows to support them and their growing bellies. The problem with the multiple pillow theory is the unfortunate reality that pillows slide and won’t stay in the proper place to give you support.

Pregnancy pillows solve that problem. For many, a maternity or the best pregnancy pillow is a great choice to support and cradle them comfortably in a side sleeping position during their pregnancy.

Pregnancy pillows come in many shapes, many shaped as full body pillows in a “J” shape or “C” shape. They also can be wedges or doughnuts. These pillows also help reduce the aches and pains associated with pregnancy.

Pregnant women have more aches and pains as the pregnancy progresses. More weight and pressure are put on the lower back and pelvic area sometimes causing anything from back pain to leg aches. These annoying aches and pains make it hard to rest comfortably without the proper support.

A maternity pillow can help alleviate the leg aches and back aches associated with the added weight of pregnancy and the increased pressure on the back and pelvic area. They are a great gift for a baby shower as well, later stages of pregnancy increase the aches and an expectant mother will appreciate the gift of a pregnancy pillow in their last few months and weeks of pregnancy.

Getting a good nights rest is so important for the expectant mother. Investigating a pregnancy pillow may be a good choice for you and your growing belly. After your little one arrives, you can also use your pillow for a good snuggle with the new baby and also as a nursing pillow.

Some women stay awake after a bad dream concerning the baby. You need to understand that these kind of dreams are normal; it is more often than not a result of the mother’s preoccupation with the child’s safety and health. If you wake up with one of these bad dreams, just don’t burden yourself with the thought that this is a premonition. All you need to do is just roll over and go right back to sleep.

Finally you should go out of the way, explore more stores and get those pillows scented with natural lavender. You would be surprised to know that some of the pillows are microwave safe. Just follow the package directions, heat the pillow, lie back, tuck it wherever you ache, and close your eyes. The warm scent of lavender would have you in a deep sleep in no time!

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